ASAPS Office Writing Gel Ink Pens Bulk Set of 12 (0.5mm):world famous Papa Richi brand



Color:12 Pack

– is a luxury class office supply.
Everything about these ballpoint pens speaks to its high quality.
A very pleasant to touch material that you won’t want to put down.
It’s extremely comfortable for clear writing.

The pen corpus is made of non-toxic a rubberized high-tech eco material without metalic.

The corpuses of these best calligraphy pens were invented in Japan, and the ink is made in Germany and are high quality: they don’t flow, smudge, or leave prints on the next page.
The rode – 0.5mm, ink color: Black. There’s a comfortable cap that you can attach to your notebook or shirt pocket.

We offer two types of pen: UNIWRITE of 12 ballpoint pens.

The second variant consists of all rollerball pens which are black with black ink. The package is stylish and looks very attractive.

We know that you can have children, so for safety reasons, we created a safe design with the presence of metallic elements only on the writing head

Guarantee: 30 days.

Exclusive accessories for you from a world famous Papa Richi brand. The best price, the best quality, the best gel pens.

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